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Updated 9/25/2017 5:06 PM
  • Jeff Marach

    Jeff Marach

Daily Herald Report

Name: Jeff Marach

School: Lisle

Year: Senior

Best thing about being an offensive lineman: It gives you an opportunity to be a real team player. You don't get a lot of credit for the work you do, necessarily, because you're not the one scoring the touchdown, but you earn a level of respect from your own teammates and from other people that know the game of football.

Worst thing about being an offensive lineman: Probably just the lack of credit, really. But I don't think there's anything really bad about being an offensive lineman.

Don't tell my coach that: Don't tell my coach that football is just a sport.

If I could change one thing about football: Probably some of the rules to deal with targeting and things like that. Maybe some of the rules that could be interpreted by the referees -- maybe calls that get called or don't get called that may impact the game.

Team not on our schedule I wish we could play: I think it would be interesting to play any teams around our area. We play Westmont and that's about as close to a local team as we get. I think it'd be interesting to be able to play a bigger team in the preseason just to see how we do. I think it'd be interesting to play one of the Naperville schools, like Central or North.

How I'll celebrate if I score a TD: Coach (Paul) Parpet (Sr.) always says, 'Always be classy, let your performance do the talking.' So I'd probably just hand the ball to the referee.

Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat: Probably Snapchat. I like Twitter a lot, too.

What I like best about my school: I like the size. It can be a downfall in some areas like in having numbers for sports teams, but you get to build a connection with your teachers and your fellow peers that you'd not be able to at a larger school.

Something about me that would surprise you: The way I interact with my teammates and the way I am in the huddle, my amount of energy. Another thing that might surprise you is I've never gotten seriously injured playing the sport of football.

Other sports I play: I wrestle and I throw discus and shot put in track and field.

Favorite actor: My favorite actor would probably have to be Leonardo DiCaprio. I just like all of his roles, I enjoy pretty much all the movies he's been in, like "Inception." I like how into the character he can get.

Favorite actress: I have to say probably Helen Mirren. I really like her command on the screen, she always seems to be in control, and I enjoy the characters she plays and I enjoy her dramatic work, too, and her ability to create emotion.

Favorite athlete: Excluding myself, it'd probably have to be Bo Jackson. Besides the fact that he's probably one of the most naturally gifted athletes, it's how hard he performed on the field and how much he acknowledged his ability to be able to play multiple sports.

Favorite musician: Mick Jagger. I just like the lifestyle and the emotion he puts into his music.

The stat

Opponents have taken early leads over IC Catholic Prep each of the last two weeks. The Knights responded by scoring 50 straight points to beat St. Edward 56-13 last week, and scoring 52 unanswered points in Week 4 to beat Chicago Christian 67-17.

The tweet

"2 more"

-- Wheaton North senior linebacker Bo Neidballa (@boneidballa452) after the Falcons improved to 4-1 with Friday's 21-12 victory over Lake Park. Six wins would clinch Wheaton North's first playoff berth since 2013.

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