Tuesday Morning Quarterback

Updated 9/4/2018 6:10 PM
  • Mike McNicholas

    Mike McNicholas

Daily Herald Reports

Name: Mike McNicholas

School: Montini

Year: Senior

Best thing about being an offensive lineman: The brotherhood you form with the guys around you. It's kind of like you've got each other's back in a way. It's a bond that's hard to explain, but it's something you can only get from doing that job.

Worst thing about being an offensive lineman: Not really being in the spotlight of things. I've grown over that.

Don't tell my coach that: After games I go play Pokemon with my friends.

If I could change one thing about football: Maybe the speed of the game to be a little faster. Being an offensive lineman, once I get in my stance I want to hit somebody, I just don't want to stand there.

Team not on our schedule I wish we could play: I think Nazareth. When I was choosing to go to high school it was either Montini or Nazareth. I feel like they're neck-and-neck, they both got big at the same time, and I feel they're close. I feel like it'd be a good game.

How I'll celebrate if I score a TD: Definitely either flexing the guns or blowing kisses at the crowd.

Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat: I definitely find myself using Twitter the most.

What I like best about my school: Definitely the people at Montini. It's not just football, you really do form a family there. Everyone does look out for each other.

Something about me that would surprise you: I'm a Level-25 Pokemon trainer.

Other sports I play: I'm a heavyweight wrestler for Montini Catholic.

Favorite actor: Definitely Will Ferrell. All the kids like him. He knows the humor of teenage boys, it's great.

Favorite actress: Definitely Jennifer Lawrence. When "The Hunger Games" came out she was my first celebrity crush, and that pretty much stuck with me.

Favorite athlete: I think it'd be Kyle Long of the Chicago Bears. I like the way he plays. You can kind of tell he's in charge of the offensive line, and I feel like I kind of try to do that as well. I can relate to him.

Favorite musician: I think it'd be Post Malone. His music's really relaxing, very chill. Usually he has a good beat and a softer voice, it's very relaxing to me.

The stat

Twos are wild for St. Francis senior receiver-defensive back Joe Lang. Through two games he's scored on two punt returns, of 37 and 65 yards, and has intercepted 2 passes -- one he returned 15 yards for a touchdown, another which clinched a Spartans victory.

The Tweet

"Great work out there boys. On to the next one."

-- York senior defensive lineman Bo Thomas (@Bo99bo99) after the Dukes' 35-0 victory over Addison Trail.

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