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posted: 8/27/2011 5:00 AM

The Soapbox

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Daily Herald Editorial Board

At last, a memorial:

We and other organizations have long called for a memorial marking the deadliest airliner accident on U.S. soil. Finally, 32 years after Flight 191 crashed in a Des Plaines field, a stone wall listing the names of the 273 people killed will be dedicated this fall. Now we add our heartfelt relief that these lives will remembered permanently.

Compliments of Ma Nature:

When life gives you thunderstorms ... make wood chips. That's what Lake County did after the powerful July 11 storm that downed hundreds of trees. Head over to a county public works department and you'll find piles of wood chips for landscaping. Help yourself.

Strange bedfellows:

We met this week with an unusual coalition of liberal and conservative groups who identify $380 billion in budget cuts that can also improve the environment and could be a boon to O'Hare. Not ready to endorse or dismiss their Green Scissors plan yet, but have to say to our reps in Washington, here's one way to do bipartisanship.

Cooperate and cut costs:

Residents in many unincorporated areas sign individual contracts with waste haulers, wasting gas and tearing up roads with a glut of different garbage trucks. Naperville Township shows what can happen when people join forces and sign one contract -- rate reductions from $30 to $17 per month. Nice.

A long, dark walk:

Elgin District U-46 answered critics of its new busing plan by saying high-schoolers can walk a mile and a half to a bus if elementary-age kids can walk that far to school. But they'll walk before dawn in the winter and arrive at a bus stop that likely has no shelter. The school district should get to work on a more complete plan, perhaps with later start times for teens.

The politics of tolls:

We opposed the huge toll increases approved this week, but we have to say the rush by some Republicans to pin the increases on Democrats has the ring of political opportunism. The tollway is, after all, a user-supported system. Wouldn't Republicans normally support making users pay for improvements? Too much too soon is one thing. Politicizing the increases obscures the issues.

Kids for a cause:

As school starts, keep in mind that young activists, including students at Antioch High School, were behind the push for a law enabling law-enforcement agencies to collect and safely dispose of unwanted prescription drugs. The bill was signed this week by Gov. Pat Quinn. Score one for teen activism.

Friday night lights:

High school football returned this weekend, and it's comforting to know some things haven't changed. The legendary Bob Frisk, as he does somewhere every Friday night, was patrolling the sidelines, watching the young talent unfold. And is back with schedules, scores, photo galleries and game reports. Enjoy.

Be a fan, not a fanatic:

A gentle reminder to fans in the stands. Officials, coaches and players can't hear your ear-piercing shouts after that call you didn't like. They can't hear you yell "Paassssss" once the quarterback drops back either. But the people sitting near you can, and they often don't appreciate it. Be positive. Cheer the team on, and enjoy the game.

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