Tuesday Morning Quarterback

  • Luke Hallstrom of Naperville Central football.

      Luke Hallstrom of Naperville Central football. Bev Horne | Staff Photographer


Name: Luke Hallstrom

School: Naperville Central

Year: Senior

Best thing about being an offensive lineman: In games when you can run the ball and the opposing team knows that you can run the ball, and they can't stop you, I think that's my favorite thing about being an offensive lineman.

Worst thing about being an offensive lineman: Getting made fun of during conditioning, running sprints in practice. It's not getting made fun of in a bad way, it's in a joking way. We're not the fastest unit on the field.

Don't tell my coach that: I let the defensive lineman cross my face.

If I could change one thing about football: I guess, let the boys play. I know there's a lot of safety stuff going around right now, and even after watching some preseason NFL games, it's a physical game. Don't take the physicality out of the game.

Team not on our schedule I wish we could play: Maine South. That's mostly because of last year, we should have won that (Class 8A quarterfinal) game. A revenge game, I guess.

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How I'll celebrate if I score a TD: If I did score a touchdown, I'd want to spike the ball, I guess, do a Rob Gronkowski spike.

Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat: Twitter. I like to see a lot of the high school stuff, what they're doing, and there's funny stuff every now and then.

What I like best about my school: It's a great community feel. There's 3,000 kids there, and though I don't know everyone there I just feel like it's a good community. And the community outside, the neighborhood, they always ask how I'm doing and wish me the best of luck. It's just a great community feel.

Something about me that would surprise you: If I were lighter I would be a very good receiver. I can catch quite well.

Other sports I play: I played baseball and basketball my freshman year; my sophomore and junior years I threw shot put for Central. I wish I continued to play baseball because that was just fun. High school sports is fun, making memories.

Favorite actor: Chris Pratt. He's a funny guy and he's a good actor. I like him in all his Marvel movies, like "Guardians of the Galaxy," and in "Jurassic World." He was a voice actor in those Lego movies. I'm excited to see him in more stuff coming up.


Favorite athlete: (Retired Cleveland Browns tackle) Joe Thomas. Obviously he's an offensive lineman, but he just dominated every snap of the ball. He's a dominant athlete, that's it. He would win every snap.

Favorite musician: My dad got me into 1970s rock. My favorite band would probably be the Rolling Stones. And I like a lot of modern music. I really listen to anything except for country and heavy metal.

The stat

IC Catholic Prep senior quarterback Khalil Saunders completed his first 13 passes in the Knights' 48-13 Metro Suburban Blue win over Wheaton Academy. Saunders finished 15-of-18 passing for 252 yards and a touchdown.

The Tweet

"It's hard to believe we're already through the first 1/3 of the regular season."

-- Hinsdale South football (@SOUTHF00TBALL).

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