Glenbard West High School West Suburban Silver
No. Name Class Height Weight Position
1 Suliman, Soka Senior 5-9 150 DB
2 Michel, Sean Senior 6-0 180 S/WR
3 Tyburk, Gerik Senior 5-10 170 DB
4 Richmond, Joey Senior 5-10 200 RB/LB
5 Skowronski, Will Senior 5-10 185 LB
6 Nowinski, Brandon Junior 5-10 185 LB
7 Metz, Greyson Senior 6-3 200 LB
8 Limouris, Denin Junior 6-2 215 TE
9 Yangas, Jonathan Senior 5-10 185 LB
10 Yanez, Alfredo Junior 6-0 240 DL
11 Spiech, Braden Junior 5-11 180 QB
12 Cater, Drew Junior 6-1 175 QB
14 Rossy, Kyle Sophomore 6-2 180 QB
15 Thomas, Justin Sophomore 6-0 165 WR
16 Devereaux, Patrick Junior 5-10 160 LB
17 Patel, Shivam Junior 6-0 155 WR
18 Tracy, Kevin Senior 6-1 210 DL
19 Vesevick, Danny Junior 6-3 180 WR
20 Sackett, Will Junior 5-10 160 DB
21 Smith, Lazerick Senior 5-10 160 DB
22 Delepaz, Evan Senior 5-10 185 RB
23 Moore, Jaylen Junior 5-10 185 RB
24 Seifert, Nic Senior 6-0 210 RB/LB
25 Miselnicky, William Senior 6-2 210 DL
26 Zydlo, Jimmy Junior 5-9 155 RB
27 Moore, Mitchell Senior 5-10 150 DB
28 Maddock, Cody Junior 6-2 213 K/P
29 Glover, Troy Junior 6-5 175 WR
30 Apostolou, George Junior 6-0 175 LB
31 Ford, Luke Junior 5-11 180 LB
32 Zucchero, Auggie Junior 5-10 180 LB
33 Doran, Matt Senior 6-1 155 K/P
34 Zander, Samson Junior 5-7 160 RB/DB
35 Jackson, LJ Junior 5-5 170 RB
36 Morawski, Charlie Junior 5-11 160 DB
40 Dugan, Matthew Junior 5-10 180 DB
41 Sotelo, Jonathan Senior 6-0 195 DL
44 Moorehead, Caleb Junior 6-2 175 LB
45 Mika, Eddie Junior 5-7 187 RB
50 Maciorowski, Jakub Senior 6-1 215 OL
51 Ball, Steven Junior 5-11 260 OL
52 Obasuyi, Darryl Junior 6-2 210 DL
53 Mercado, Jose Junior 5-8 175 DL
54 Santangelo, Dylan Junior 5-9 175 LB
55 Pierce, Chase Senior 6-1 215 OL
56 Walsh, Jacob Senior 6-0 210 OL
57 Mastropieri, Mateo Junior 6-5 260 OL
58 Foley, Nolan Senior 5-10 185 OL
59 Horton, Shaun Senior 6-1 205 DL
60 Paul, Cody Junior 6-1 215 OL
62 Costa, Chris Senior 5-11 170 OL
65 Johnson, Andrew Senior 6-2 285 OL/DL
71 Baer, Charlie Junior 6-1 235 OL
73 Hoeh, Wes Junior 6-3 225 OL
80 Halkyard, William Senior 6-4 200 LS/WR
83 Allaway, Aidan Junior 6-4 175 DL
88 Lewandowski, Jack Senior 6-4 195 TE
90 Quinn, Nick Junior 5-8 180 DL
99 Lanciloti, Dave Senior 6-0 270 OL/DL
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York breathes sigh of relief after win vs. Downers Grove North
Updated Sep 14, 2019 12:43 AM
Senior Josh Mathiesen and his 2018 York football teammates enjoyed an emotional Week 9 victory over Downers Grove North that eliminated the Trojans from playoff contention.The Dukes’ 28-26 victory at Downers North on Friday proved to be even more satisfying. That goes double for Mathiesen, a starting offensive guard now also playing on the defensive line for the first time this season.“I have to give kudos to them. They did really good. Honestly, at the end of the day it was who wanted it more and we’ve been working,” Mathieson said. “We call it fourth-quarter Fridays where we’re pushing our butts off all Friday. At the end of the day, it was who wanted it more. In the trenches, that’s how it is. It’s been really close, tight games (for us). Not a lot of teams are used to that.” The Dukes (2-1) certainly had to earn this West Suburban Silver opener for both teams.With 45.3 seconds left they blocked a 32-yard field goal attempt that would have given the Trojans (2-1) the lead. Before that Mathiesen, Antonio Carillo and Liam Enright converged to stop Downers North standout quarterback Drew Cassens a yard short of the game-tying 2-point conversion with 7:26 left after an electrifying 42-yard TD run by Josh Lumpkin.York’s first three games have been decided by a combined 11 points. Like the season-opening 16-13 overtime victory over Schaumburg, the Dukes overcame an early deficit Friday with a 21-point second quarter after the Trojans posted their seventh straight scoreless quarter.“That’s the great thing about the season. You learn as you go along. I think our kids have been in that situation in games and that really helped us out,” York coach Mike Fitzgerald said.“This league, it’s tough. You enjoy it, but you’ve got to get right back to work. Our kids just learning how to win some tough games helps us as a program.”Downers North also showed grit, including back-to-back third-and-1 defensive stops in the fourth quarter to force punts.“Our kids, they showed a lot of character,” Downers North coach Joe Horeni said. “(York) probably should be 3-0. Their offensive line did a really nice job. This game doesn’t define us, just as if we had made the field goal it wouldn’t have defined us either.”The Dukes ended the first half with a flurry in the final minute, tying the game 14-14 on a 3-yard run by Patrick Kastner followed by Hawely Bronson recovering an untouched ensuing kickoff at the 18. On the next play, quarterback Max Assaad hit Owen Pechous in stride in the end zone for a 21-14 halftime lead.The Dukes then took the second half kickoff and went 60 yards in 12 plays — including 11 of Nick Conroy’s 34 carries for 168 yards — with help from a fourth-and-3 offsides penalty for a first down at the 14. Backup quarterback Patrick Cote scored from the 1.“We always talk about the most important minutes is the eight minutes at the end of the first half and right there in the second half,” Fitzgerald said. “That was just a huge momentum swing. It was just a battle from there. That’s a good football team.”Even on the blocked field goal, Horeni contended that the Trojans recovered the ball behind the original line of scrimmage and advanced it for a first down to retain possession. The officials ruled that the ball was recovered beyond the line and was thus a dead ball.“Maybe we’re wrong. It’s just a bang-bang play. We certainly had a lot of other opportunities to take advantage of,” Horeni said.Cassens rushed for 177 yards and Lumpkin 111. Conroy was kept extra busy as Kastner left the game with an ankle injury.